Warbow League is a concept developed over the past few years. Jonathan and James  officially moved the idea into creation during the last quarter of the 2020 year. Choosing to launch during the pandemic, the founders vision was to provide an opportunity for friends and strangers to still engage in physical activity while practicing social distancing. As we turn the corner on this past year, we still envision the sport to be a way to develop bonds, get exercise and develop new movement abilities.

Founding Team





Jonathan has spent the last several years as a fitness and movement coach. Working with many people of varying activity levels while simultaneously following his passion for movement-oriented activities like martial arts, parkour, sword fighting, archery, and more.

A couple of his foundational goals with the WBL is to turn it into a global sport as well as to help people learn how to move and protect their bodies.

He serves as the organization's CEO and president.

James has spent a great deal of time in tournament organization and logistics for martial arts. Through his work with Truescore Inc, he has worked closely with the development of electronic scoring systems for Olympic Taekwondo and other sports.

Earlier in life, James competed at a regional level in sport Taekwondo, from which he developed an affinity with martial arts and combative sports.

In his spare time, you can find him on the archery range, learning sword fighting, or participating in various outdoor activities.

James serves as the WBL's technical officer.

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