The Experience

Want to learn the art of team combat archery?

Experience The Warbow League

With its multiple modes!

Team Building

Private Events

School Sessions

Learn the basics of archery and go up against friends and rival teams as you put your newfound skills to the test!

Experience a thrilling, dynamic game through an offsite school program, or sign up for customized sessions to test your agility, reflexes, and teamwork. 

Engage in Capture the Flag or Team Knockout, our two standard modes of play, or ask about our alternate game modes and workshop events.

Standard Games

Capture The Flag

Activate beginner mode in a strategic long-field play that requires two role players: Skirmisher with the lighter mobile bow and Sniper with the heavier and accurate bow. The end goal?  Be the first team to make the number of flag captures allotted in the time frame given!

Team Knockout

Our flagship game; this fast-paced mode requires more skill and adaptable strategy to allow your team to rack up the most points in the allocated time.  This mode takes place on a horizontal field with heavier bows.

Workshopping and Alternate Game Modes

Innovative ways to play are what we pride ourselves on at WBL! This is why we workshop. We get teams together to formulate new play methods and train from start to finish. Alternative game modes can be variants of the standard modes of play, or completely new modes developed to train the mind, test teamwork, and hone specific skills. 

No Equipment or Prior Experience Necessary

Here’s how it works:

  • Contact us to create an event.
  • Show up at the location 5-10 min before the session.
  • Go through safety precautions with our staff.
  • Archery crash course.
  • Play in our free Exploration Game!
  • Jump into FULL session (multiple matches)
  • Finally, let everybody know and tag @WarbowLeague #WARBOWLEAGUE

Private Bookings


Experience the WBL today at your school, or create your own private event! We serve Santa Clara County and the Greater San Francisco Bay area.

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